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Travel Far & Well – Your Travel Architect

How you see & experience the world matters.  A successful travel experience is NOT just about dates, rates, and space. It starts with gaining insight into your vision of what matters to you and continues with leveraging our relationships with Virtuoso (a consortium of the top travel agencies, travel providers, and destinations worldwide) to deliver a customized itinerary & experience that is valuable and memorable for you.


Our Founder

Joanne Socha, a former attorney with a keen attention to detail, transitioned to the travel industry in 2010 where she set about gathering exclusive travel information and solidifying relationships with highly respected and resourceful travel industry partners.

Always an intrepid traveler, she utilizes her trips around the globe to personally inspect hotels, meet with guides, and essentially jump from helicopter to horseback to find & secure ‘the best of the best’ for her clients.  A Virtuoso Agent, she is also a Certified Japan Specialist and a hand-picked advisor for a team of brokers and their clients at a respected financial house.  

Her trademark white glove service, available to clients before, during and after their trips, is creatively paired with her client’s preferences resulting in imaginative, customized experiences. The added dimension of the Virtuoso network ensures advantageous pricing, access, upgrades, and amenities.


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