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Joanne's Journeys

Highlights of Travel Far & Well's founder Joanne Socha's journeys around the world

Opening The Door To The Desert - Making A Difference


On a recent trip to Morocco, Joanne had the privilege of visiting a Berber village and also a tented Nomad camp in the Sahara desert.  She was touched by the pride and independence of the people, and learned about their skilled artisanry.  Realizing that the communities were impoverished and lacked basic necessities, she determined to use whatever abilities she possessed to inspire her clients to make a positive contribution when they traveled.


Joanne always tries to support local economies when she travels by purchasing handmade items all along the way.  While in Morocco, she purchased a beautiful Berber rug which bears simple symbols that tell a story of a welcoming people:  travelers who don't let borders define their lives. 


If you are traveling to a particular destination and would like to learn more about contributing to the local communities by making a donation or making room in your luggage for desperately needed essential items, please contact Joanne to discuss further.  Travel Far and Well believes deeply in the mission of Pack For A Purpose and encourages clients to visit their website


Now that is traveling Far and Well!

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